TileLetter, Vibrato Collection

Avenue Mosaic is proud to announce a brand new ceramic collection, the Vibrato collection. Named after the musical phenomenon of rapid and slight variation in pitch, Vibrato is a bold three-dimensional ceramic and is available in four beautiful colors: Salome, Tosca, Carmen, and Norma. For more information about this collection or other Avenue Mosaic products, please visit https://avenuemosaic.com/, or email custserv@avenuemosaic.com.

LEED Silver Certified with Mosaics

Our exclusively designed product Sideview developed for Crossville, Inc. was used in amphitheater to celebrate Nashville’s heritage as Music City

TileLetter, Gotham

Avenue Mosaics introduces Gotham, a glass and ceramic mixed-material mosaic, that creates an exceptional array of glistening surfaces and smooth matte textures throughout its design. This collection is available in four color variations, and within each is a plethora of shades and hues. Without overpowering a space, Gotham will standout and make any kitchen or bathroom pop. Overall, in 12″ x 12″ format. For more information, visit http://avenuemosaic.com

Tile Magazine Product Showcase

Avenue Mosaic, designer and manufacturer of original tiles, introduced seven new collections this year, including Rain Dance. Shining like glistening drops of rain on a summer evening, Rain Dance reflects and refracts light in mesmerizing patterns. Trapped light in a pure glass encasement gleams effortlessly from this dynamic tile design, complete with electro-plated backing and a curved surface. The 6-mm-thick tiles come in an 11 1/2- x 11 1/2- inch format, and can be installed in any indoor wall environment. WWW.AVENUEMOSAIC.COM

Kitchen & Bath Business

Avenue Mosaic, designer and manufacturer of original tiles, announces the release of Pop Rocks. Lively and loud, Pop Rock’s colorways are named after some of our favorite classic rockers. Shiny and sexy, with peekaboo artwork that strings and strums through a vibrant, frenetic pattern. Despite its movement, Pop Rocks can be used in a subtler environment, to give a little pop without overwhelming a space and is suitable for backsplashes and bathrooms too.

TILE Magazine, Fall Releases

Avenue Mosaic recently announced the release of several new collections: Chenille, Rain Dance, Pop Rocks, Homespun, Pyrenees, Flicker, and Wet Bar.

With palettes that mimic the softness of fine fabric, Chenille offers a complex yet soothing surface design. The movement of the painterly strokes are unique, and the pattern sits harmoniously within itself.

Shining like drops of rain on a summer evening, Rain Dance reflects and refracts light in mesmerizing patterns. Trapped light in a pure glass encasement gleams from this dynamic tile design.

Architects & Artisans

Architects & Artisans

Michael Golden is striving to bring mosaics to the masses.

At Avenue Mosaic, the RISD grad and alumnus of Hastings Tile (he says he got started with a part-time job that turned into a full-time career there) Golden likes to spot emerging trends, match them, and then produce them in quanties.

“By looking at multiple visual sources, I pull things out to see what potential shapes and forms are coming into vogue – and develop that it in the manufacturing process,” he says.



Avenue Mosaic, Inc. has announced the availability of the Limelight Collection through Dune Ceramica. The Limelight collection was designed by company founder and creative director Michael R Golden for exclusive global distribution by Dune Ceramica. This new line of mosaic glass tile offers a stunning blend of metallic sheen and abstract shapes, resulting in brilliant, sophisticated looks for interior wall applications. Avenue Mosaic will be attending Coverings (booth #5254), so you can see these beauties up-close.

Michael Golden: The Art & Business of Mosaics

Michael Golden: The Art & Business of Mosaics

Today on the show I have guest Michael Golden who is the Owner and Creative Director of Avenue Mosaic.

Michael shares his journey on his path to business ownership, including some of his successes and struggles along the way. Here’s a little more about Michael…

Contract Design

Contract Design

Designed by Michael R. Golden for Dune, the Groove Collection of glass tiles comes in three color options: Salsa, Reggae, and Blues. Salsa features brown tones and has a shiny or matte finish; Reggae has brown, golden, and copper tones with a matte metalized finish; and Blues features shades of that hue with a rustic finish.