WK#18, MG at NYC's Art Fair

This last weekend, my wife and I attend the Art Fair at “the piers” in NYC.   It’s a funny thing here, they run 3 concurrent air fairs.  One is wild, conceptual, and theoretical, the other one is old, traditional and a little stodgy, and then there is the one at the piers, (just right, … for us at least).   

I would not dare to summarize what w saw as one way, nor another.   Instead, it’s mostly amazing.   At times a little shocking, (for "shocking" sake that is).   People are clearly trying to offer an impactful visual.   Sometimes dimension, mostly 2D, and then some 2.5D.   Actually, there were many “pieces” that required you / viewer to engage w/ it.   Many of these were like the floppy postcard that as you move it, you see 2 to 4 images.   These canvas size pieces were of course done w/ very thorough consideration.

My wife, (Dini) and I especially liked an Artist who would drop pigment into water and photogram the moving color.   This person’s work was not negative, nor positive, but really open for interpretation.   In a comfortable way, you could imaging forms / imagery within sections of the images.  Cleaver, new, yet also something that was relatable too.  All great.

All great visual food for thought.

Getting back to the Biz, 

>>    We are flying samples of our 5 new OPEN collections from Coverings, w/ the first 2 airing tomorrow / day after.   We’ll be processing them with-in a few days and getting them out to our Reps.   I hope to show you images next week, or certainly the week after.

>>    Our Portfolio Stocking Program, ( or PSP ) is growing, last week w/ set a record for highest average order per week.

>>    We are developing/ submitting new designs for our Japanese client, ( I'm very excited about this market ).

>>    We submitted a new design to a client who accepted it for their Fall / Winter 2018 schedule, (yes, 2018 / very organized). 

Lastly, I'm still working on images from the Marmocer new products that are in the market.

Michael R Golden